Monday, March 22, 2010

Humanity and it's continuance (#416)

My blog is based upon the fundamental belief that the inherent nature within us is comprised of two individual components, compassion and curiosity. Although I do allow for a third, less complicated component simply because I cannot easily place it in either the compassion or curiosity category, that being our survival instinct. Mainly though, I focus on the the two main components of our essences. Just to allay any doubts to my belief, I will let you know that all other natures we exhibit that are not included within the compassion/curiosity set, were developed as secondary natures due to the lack of compassion and curiosity. When we are in our proper natures we have no trouble that cannot be overcome through the principles of our natures. Regardless of the circumstance there is always a way to alleviate any difficulty. Now does it require both the easy and the hard that existence has afforded us? Yes. But in keeping with our natural natures, life is doable with little discomfort to actual living. We are our best resources for learning and advancing thought. We are the best at caring for and sacrificing ourselves to bring relief to others whom may need help. We have energy and desires that need to be understood and given outlets toward personal growth. There is no challenge we face that is easier to defeat than when we all face it together with regard to the best for all of us as a group and as individuals.

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