Friday, March 19, 2010

Knowing my strength (#413)

I am talking about heart. The will to be a good person and the actions that exemplify that. I have acquiesced to my nature and have allowed the strength of my character to display who I am. It has been a lifelong struggle for me in whether to let the force within me define who I am. It has always been a disadvantage for me to be kind and caring when those around me expected something else. I was afraid to share that part of me so that I could show a persona more in tune with the characters I wanted to be around. It is amusing now that I was so superficial but at the time it was very serious and worthy of battle to prove I wasn't weak. By showing emotion or allowing myself to feel I would believe I was weak. Nonsense. It was just misunderstanding what was truly important in life, nothing else. I would chastise myself for being easily manipulated but that also would not be fair. I was a child who would not trust those who really loved me because I thought they were manipulating me. It is no wonder that I was turned around about a few important things. I have moved passed all these things for the most part and I am allowing my true character to exhibit itself now in my life. I don't worry what others think about how I do what I do, I just trust the high principles of human nature to be correct and others' opinions of my actions to be their opinions. I am in me and I am happy who I am.

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