Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Positive thinking (#418)

It is so easy to allow myself to think negatively when I am only concerned with myself. When my thoughts are about me I am very close to triggering a response I am usually embarrassed or ashamed of. I am the center of my being and to think only of me is the epitome of selfishness. I choose rather to think of others and let my thoughts go to a positive place where I can be helpful to others. When I do this I find that my thoughts of myself become less and any trouble I may be having seems so much less significant. My agenda in living a good life is founded on the concept of giving. Whether it is material or with action, I am a better person when others are my main concern. I have few options in how I can help but many possibilities to help once I commit to helping. It is strange to me to help others as a rule instead of as an occasional occurrence. However it is also new and needs time to become more familiar so that the strangeness will dissipate and it will seem more normal to help others instead of it being the occasional exception. I am very fortunate to have morphed into the type of person I truly hope to become. I am not there yet and maybe never will be but I am heading in that direction now and I am very satisfied that I am. Life is now positive for me and I don't always assume the negative like before. I am truly fortunate to have discovered this.

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