Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Refresh your status (#425)

A play on words used commonly in the Facebook application. Nonetheless appropriate as a dynamic action. Each new day brings with it the promise and hope of new beginning. Seeing things through a view of constant change. What was yesterday is not today and will not be tomorrow. Allowing for this grace is our charge. Not only to keep what we hope to have but to hope for better and greater realities. Each new day gives us an opportunity to reclaim our vision and aspire to show, through example, inspiration to those who need that very knowledge. Being the better and best we can be and making things clear that perseverance is a gift not a chore can only build toward the happiness and contentment we all richly deserve. The secret is to work for it with relentless humility. In my heart I know what I can do to live a life with fulfillment. I need to move that from my heart to my head and start thinking like my heart is between my ears. Words are only a means of communicating, action is the truth to who I am. So, although I write this blog posting everyday and release my thoughts on page, the words are an expression of what I think. Not necessarily what I do. It is my hope that eventually I will match my words and deeds seamlessly because it is what I most hope to be able to do.

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