Saturday, March 20, 2010

The silence is golden (#414)

I am appreciating the silence more today than ever before. It is somewhat like the effort I make to listen instead of making noise. There truly is never silence but the fact that I am listening for it is significant. I have made the transition from wanting to be in the whirligig of life to wanting to be in the quiet of life. Being silent and letting the Universe come to me is far more satisfying than chasing the Universe to be a part of it. I don't need the attention I used to crave so that I could feel like my life was validated. I am validated simply by being. I also am not here in the thought that I am immortal. I know that I am not and have come to terms with whatever awaits me after this existence. I am content. Silence is now with me as it should always have been. I cherish what it represents. It allows me to listen to others without the desire to hear my own thoughts mixed in with what I am hearing. It also displays my respect for those who wish to have me hear their thoughts as well. I know very little of answers to intelligent questions so I am also able to show that as well. This does not appear to make me look worthy of conversation and also that I am useless for information. I agree. But when I do have some little tidbit to add it is genuine and purposeful to an answer. I do not appear as anything I am not. It is so satisfying living to hear and only answering where I know something to add. I wished to be a wise man when I was young and I think I am beginning to become one with the knowledge that I know very little and letting others talk instead of myself.

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