Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tears of the heart (#410)

All of my life I have been the same when it comes to emotion and my sensitivity to it. I have tried to mask how I am able to feel things that happen in life that touch me. It is not always considered manly to express feelings as a general rule. Well, general rule be damned! It does take courage to be true to one's own nature and courage is far better than cowardice, regardless of the appearance. Our American culture has brought about so much deception concerning the expression of emotion that I think we do ourselves a disservice and our children a disservice by not recognizing our true natures concerning our feelings. It is far more important to sacrifice one's own sense of vanity in order to maintain or advance the reality of how we feel. Life is difficult enough without confusing issues which seem to be one thing but are acted out in a different way. Principles of honor would dictate that honesty and truth would outweigh a strategy of denial. If our civilization is going to continue to advance it must do so at the cost of superficiality in the area of how we express honest emotion. The health and welfare of our citizens will only improve through the proper displays of strength and courage based upon the truth of the circumstance not some archaic expectation that does not display the integrity of the emotional expression required to be shown at it's appointed time. We cannot change the outcomes of things by denying their implications.

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