Sunday, March 21, 2010

What really matters! (#415)

Boil it all down to the most important priorities. What really does matter? Our health, families, friends, our environment. These must be the greatest tangible resources within our lives. There are other more precise resources but generally speaking us and our planet are the most important. This is the baseline for all considerations. Whether philosophical, theoretical or financial the question, it all must include our ability to satisfy humanity and our planet when decisions are considered concerning their fate. If every question were responded to in a process that included the fate of our neighbors and our environment, we would more than likely solve all or most all of our recurring problems. The notion of everyone trying to gain at others' expense must stop. We should allow for individualism and it's actions displayed through achievement but we must also safeguard our societies from the numbing thrill of greed. When we as individuals experience good fortune it must be with an eye toward the concept of a positive reciprocity. Usually someone's good fortune is someone else's bad fortune. These types of exchanges are daily occurrences in our lives but they do nothing to advance social behaviour because they only maintain the current status-quo. Life is more important than marching in place. We need to advance as a society and banking our futures on principles that don't elevate humanity to greater heights is less than what I want to be associated with.

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