Monday, April 19, 2010

The freedom of my imagination (#444)

It is in my mind that all things can become possible. Now of course I know the difference between what I imagine and what is real, however I hope that some day the imaginings I do have will have a place in reality. I am not talking about fantastic cartoon adventures, I am talking about living in a world where humans are not prey to lesser negative traits. Where the worst look on a face is the one just before a smile. Where helping each other is the least of the things we do each day. Where in life, like the game of tug of war, everyone is on one side and no one is on the other. Where we all take turns experiencing and exploring all the wonders of this planet and prepare to enjoy our outer space together as well. Where education is constantly updated and required for every child for a lifetime. Where conquering disease is priority number one throughout humanity. Where no person will ever be without food, water, clothing or shelter. Where all work is to maintain and improve the better and best of living conditions. Where research and development for smart environmentally sound living is our gift to each other. This is the type of imaginings I am talking about. A world where we consider what impact we are having on each other before we do something that has an impact beyond our self. A kind and curious nature exposed to reality and given to action.

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