Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The importance of speech (#453)

What I refer to is expressing one's own opinions on the subjects of the day. Not someone else's opinion but your own. I recently ran across a biography a young woman wrote and how she said she doesn't really care what is happening around her, she will just adapt to whatever it is. This is a very dangerous position to take. Even if she takes every wrong position available that would be better than abdicating her choices over to someone else to control. It is difficult at times, especially with the young, to focus on current events when all the new and exciting happenings are going on with people just gaining adulthood and independence. But that cannot be an excuse for not having an opinion. I can never say this enough, life is too short and taking it for granted without the rights that have been earned through generations of blood and tears is callous and reprehensible. We must all take time from our social considerations and focus on the issues of our day. The importance is immeasurable, the insight gained is beyond evaluation. We must all take part in our experiment we call society and register our thoughts against those of others who would push society toward any specific direction or philosophy. Our free speech is the culmination of our ability to put our own words to thought and action. It is our duty.

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