Thursday, April 15, 2010

It is my responsibility (#440)

I am just so excited by life and it's endless possibilities. I get to be who I am regardless of all outside interferences. I can change the rules to my behaviour if I am able to recognize it and accept that I am the one who is responsible for it. I cannot change what others do but I can change what I do. The secret to all of this is that none of us can do anything at all until we know who we are. I know what I do when I do it and no one else has that ability on a minute by minute span over my lifetime. I also know that I cannot do anything about what anyone else does unless they let me control them in some way. It is on me to take what steps I need to take to make sure that I am doing what I hope is best for me and everyone around me. I can be the best example of being responsible for myself by focusing solely on my behaviour. The fact that I am a full time project for myself should be evidence enough that I need to work on me and not anyone else unless a person is pleading for my help in some specific way. I am not some answer to every one's problem. I am only fortunate enough to be a decent answer to my own problems. I recognize that because I am working to be a selfless human that giving help when asked is a reflection of selflessness. I also know that giving in ways that don't bring attention to myself and truly are helpful to someone else can be positive. All I am trying to say is that the best advice I can give isn't to others but to myself.

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