Saturday, May 29, 2010

Free flow of ideas (#484)

This is one of those posts where I have no idea where I will end up. It is just a free flow of what is going to come to my mind. I started this today with no idea for a subject matter. Only concepts I have previously written about. That is the beauty of this blog as well, what is in my mind is what ends up on the page. I am a bit sleep deprived and that must be contributing to my lack of creative thought process. lol. More than anything I enjoy this type of writing in that something will establish itself as the subject. I am still unsure what that something will be. Peace and calm is what I am experiencing at the moment and that is tremendous in itself. I guess I don't have to have an opinion to write about everyday. I can just carry on a conversation with as yet unknown people who may read my blog posting for today. That is fine with me as it gives me a chance to express the real time happenings in my thoughts. I have other distractions going on around me and that is normal as well. My dog is snoring loudly and my phone has just let me know I had a message come through. I am starting to think beyond what I could write here. I am already planning out my morning in my head instead of trying to be of some significance on some subject I have not identified yet. lol. I believe I will stop here since the stream of thought between my ears is little to none.

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