Saturday, May 22, 2010

Free to be me (#477)

I am fortunate. I say this because I have ended up in a place in my life where I am free to speak my mind without repercussions of retribution in other parts of my life. No one holds a threat over me that could refrain my free uninhibited speech. It seems that others have been less able to speak their minds because of fear. Losing security or losing advantages worked hard for. There is a direct trade-off between individual rights and security. As a strategy this reality of a trade-off seems worthy of doing. I am not of that mind-set. I have little to lose however and my perspective of the importance of security is skewed by this reality. Overall however, I have positioned myself in an objective lifestyle that dictates my individual being as a higher priority than my sense of security. I will not trade what I am for what I want. I will not teach that to anyone as a default position or as a compromise of value. What I am is not what a society tells me I must be. I live in society because it keeps us from chaos but not to the point where I must deny my thoughts and expressions because a micro-managed itinerary is developed to control me where I am not myself any longer. General guidelines are important within society but not as inhibitors to self will in choice and opportunity. I will call out what I see as unjust or selfish and not allow anyone to stifle me because of society's superficial gifts as a vanguard against the truth.

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