Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lead by example (#471)

Here it is then, what must be done. There is no other way to accomplish what I want than to lead by example. I know the axiom of leading by example is the right way to do things but previously in my past I was not willing to put it into action. Always hoping that someone or something would do for me what I was unwilling to do for myself. I, selfishly, somehow felt that I would be sacrificing a part of myself if I took the time to practice any form of idealism. I also felt that I was not worthy because of low self-esteem. Who would believe the guy who has nothing to show for himself? None of these previous reasons are valid to my way of thinking today. I am hoping to lead by example in all idealistic concepts known to myself, truly selfless. I also know that none of us is worthy of anything unless we take a stand to protect what is right and good in life. It is not too late in my life to make known to all who would recognize that I can stand on the principles of the best human traits. In fact leading by example has come to mean everything of significance to me. Nothing else in the world is more important to me than to protect what is the better and best of human traits. I see myself as one of all of us and hopefully all of us truly seek to to include everyone one of us. As I continue to experience the most important things in life, I will also continue to stand and defend them against all who would abuse them.

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