Friday, May 14, 2010

One person can make a difference (#469)

I know that that one person can make a difference in how destiny is achieved. I am a force within nature not unlike any other person on this planet. All of us have the ability to steer fate toward a direction. I heard today that it is okay to be ourselves, this is true and furthermore we have an obligation and responsibility to be ourselves. How do we define to ourselves what we are? We only need to look inward at our hearts. What is our heart telling each of us? All the principles for living that I defend as natural to the human species have come from sensing the way I would wish to be treated by anyone. I will never stop saying this, We control how we think and act every second of our lives. We are the ones who must take command of how we wish ourselves to treat others. Forget all the worldly gain or prestige or superficial power and instead focus on the thoughts and acts we can do to give to all of humanity. We are the better nature of the human species but we must want it with all our might for it is not given without being desired. The end product of our lives is not the material wealth but the spiritual well being we experience. Reality can be bent and shaped into a paradigm that instills our better and best natures as the value we wish to exchange. If all of us wish to be what we truly are instead of the fallback position of what we must be in this current chaotic reality then we must all start to see what we are in our hearts.

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