Friday, May 21, 2010

What would you sacrifice your life for? (#476)

Wow, the thoughts that come into my head. When I was younger I was more afraid of dying before I had lived my life. I am not proud to say this but it is what I felt. Today I am less afraid of dying because I have lived a good portion of my life already. Seems like a strategy on my part. That I am more willing to sacrifice my life at an older age than at a younger age. This was not a consistent concept within me however, I, at times, was more willing to give my life for something I felt strongly about than at other times. I remember being courageous and putting my life on the line as well as being a coward and shrinking from my own belief system. I have been a mixed bag on my actions toward potentially sacrificing my life. Later in life, as I am now, I am far more willing to be courageous than to being a coward. It has always been the case that when I was under the influence of mind altering substances that I was far less courageous. I have since banished mind altering substances from my life and I find that I am more willing to stand up to aggression and let my courage dominate my responses. As to the what triggers my deciding what to put my life in peril for the list is large. It includes immediate danger to myself and others as well as circumstances that include coercion and duress. I am not a knight in shining armor but neither am I just an innocent bystander unwilling to right injustice when it confronts my presence.

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