Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why is the truth important? (#475)

The truth is important because life is so short and the more we understand the better life can be lived. It seems that our society is so complex that it is beyond understanding. It is overwhelming in it's interconnectedness. More important though is that we need to know what we are doing within society. To have the ability or desire to realize what we are doing. It is not acceptable just to do something because that is how things are done without knowing why. Due to inequities in life circumstances change is difficult to achieve where a truly equal opportunity system does not prevail. For those who enjoy abundance the task of redistribution seems unfair. For those who are in situations of poverty, the burdens of confusion, denigration and despair are obstacles toward elevating toward the life of abundance. There are only so many resources and under our current society only a few can actually experience luxury. Those who have the luxury are hesitant to change their status and those who don't have luxury despise those who do, all the while wishing luxury for themselves. We need to understand what it is we are doing. I find unacceptable the notion that our society is beyond improvement. We all face the same truths and we must all ponder these truths with a goal of bringing all of us together into a living system that values and appreciates every human with dignity and respect.

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