Monday, June 14, 2010

Courage and finding it (#500)

What is courage? As an analogy it is the line in the sand that will not be crossed. It is a determined action or thought in practice. It is the willingness to sacrifice at any cost that which I would hold dear in order to protect the best principles of humanity. I like courage because it gives me an opportunity to reflect what principles really matter to me. I am able to summon up all my energy at one moment and declare my intent. I am a human who will be heard. I will not stand by and let the lesser of human interests claim victory over the greater of human nature. I have too much respect for the ideals of human value to not take my place in the chain of life that has already stood to defend the right and good of life. Some may say that courage is the lack of fear, but I would say that courage is able to manifest itself out of fear. Fear, more times than not, is the catalyst that drives courage to great achievement. All humans possess the ability to be courageous at one point or another. The important thing is to find courage within ourselves, at the moment it is needed, when we are challenged to display it. I have found that being honest as much as is humanly possible helps to set the atmosphere for courage to be easily summoned up within me. When I am living the best human principles I am feeling the humility of strength of conviction. In humility my courage is pure and stalwart. p.s. This is my 500th blog posting.

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