Sunday, June 20, 2010

Customs and traditions (#506)

What is it about ourselves that that helps us to define who we are? It is our recorded history. Our ancestors have come and gone but not without leaving a legacy. To honor what they have done in some respects we have practiced imitation and celebration in the form of custom and tradition. When we flatter the past through tribute we are celebrating what is honorable within us. It should stoke our ambitions and resolve within us to maintain and surpass what has been to a better what will be. Humanity is imperfect and the living of humanity can use all the help it can get. Through our customs and traditions we are able to maintain the daily foundation which to start from in our hopes of creating a better society. Customs and traditions are flexible as well in order to keep up with an ever-increasingly intelligent population. As our particular nationalities grow toward commonalities with each other our customs and traditions intersect and combine to hold significantly more value to increasing numbers of individuals. Customs and traditions are guideposts for us to evaluate where we are in our journey of life. They are established to commemorate and distinguish what is important about how we live. Customs and traditions give us hope that despite our own individual struggles we as a humanity on whole have value and are worthy to continue to find what is good and right about ourselves.

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