Saturday, June 19, 2010

It is not what we say it is what we do (#505)

The conversations are endless about what we should do. I have never heard so much advice in my life more abundant concerning what I should do. It is curious that the time spent telling people how to live takes away from those same people the actual living of their lives. Proof of the pudding is in the eating. Same goes for living, proof of the life is in the living. We are all given one assignment we are each responsible for, that being living our own lives to the best of our ability. We must never allow others to guide our lives without knowing where we are going. Even then any abdication of our will to others is a violation of our individual freedom. Consider whether anyone is more worthy to live your own life than you. Each person must stay on top of their own life and not interject themselves into anyone else's life. I have often been asked to give my opinion on subjects in general and occasionally in personal situations. I will always answer these requests with objectivity. I see my response back must give the ask-er all the information I have so they may continue to evaluate what their decision will be. I am just a bank of information when I can be and nothing more. The best thing I can do for anyone is to live my life in the open and let the living of my life be an example for others to see. Nothing speaks louder than words except action.

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