Friday, June 11, 2010

Love and it's little mysteries (#497)

Love is a different dimension for me. I can just be cruising along in life and then wham! I am all of a sudden struck with an emotion of weak-kneed, heart pounding and gut fluttering sensations when I gaze or think upon someone who has absolutely rocked my world. Funny thing about this for me, the woman may not even be aware she has done this to me. Such is my experience. There must be some kind of connection that comes into existence when these revealing sensations occur. Pheromones, maybe, psychic connection, who knows but it is something that feels like destiny and has soulmate written all over it. Unfortunately this is only a one-way street unless the object of my attention also has the same type of experience. For some reason I have, probably because I am a great romantic, never wanted any other kind of love in my life than the greatest true love that ever existed. lol. My optimism surely is overly employed by me, however I am what I am. My personal happiness will either be ultimately realized or I will suffer the pangs of a life with no one to intimately share with. Such is my direction. I will never understand why I am this way and not more logical about mating and companionship. It would seem far more rational to find someone who is practical and full of commonalities with me. I guess I am just not smart enough to be practical and my outcome will either be a miracle or I will live my life without that cherished paradigm of marriage.

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howeyeseeit said...

You are not the only one to feel this way and your romance will be worth the wait!