Thursday, June 17, 2010

A milestone of sorts and responsibility (#503)

This blog posting today marks the 500th consecutive day out of 503 days I have posted a subject. It has been a privilege to do this. I do not always make it easy on myself to write on a topic but somehow I find a way to put something down that has some interest to me and hopefully to anyone who may read it as well. Today I want to talk about responsibility. Don't go away! Responsibility is a really good thing. It is something we have all desired at one point in our lives. To make a difference about anything is an achievement. To be responsible about making a difference is even more rewarding. Responsibility should be enjoyable and sought after. It reminds us what can be important to us. I know that I sometimes say to myself "if only they would have done it my way". Well, when I have responsibility for something then I have that opportunity to do it my way. Being responsible gives me the chance to show what is important to me. It allows me to reflect back out to anyone what I am made of. Of what makes me tick. Of what I hold as good and right in my life. The way responsibility can be expressed by me is the showcase of my life and what impact I want to have on the world. To become responsible is an honor and to be recognized by others as responsible is even more of a gift. It marks the days of my life with a sense of real accomplishment.

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