Saturday, July 31, 2010

The wind at my face (#547)

I would prefer that the wind be coming at my back to help carry me forward, but such is usually not my fate. It seems that I am mostly pushing forward into the wind. I am using the wind as a metaphor to illustrate how I am living my life. It is real that I am born during the early stages of human experience. There are millenniums behind me but they are characterized by mostly tumultuous and barbaric histories. The more enlightened experience of humanity is only centuries old and I suspect that there will be millenniums ahead where life should be characterized by our better natures instead of our worst. So, knowing that life is still evolving as to how we live it, there is much work still to do and moving forward is the path. It is hard to break out of paradigms that are comfortable and easily enough endured. However, progress toward greater life experiences than what we now enjoy is hard and sacrificing work. I can only speak for myself. I want to do everything I can to move the evolution of the human experience along for the sake of preserving humanity. The walking against the wind analogy is the struggle to improve how we all experience life. I have no other intent than to be a part of something special. Our current generation has opportunities to effect future behaviors and experiences. To not do something to continue to change and upgrade our society, as society continues to mature, is unthinkable to me. This is my position and not an indictment of anyone else. It is a peek into the window of my soul. I just thought I would open myself up to the light of examination.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The importance of family (#546)

I am smiling just thinking about how I could not wait to get out on my own and live my life. As a young man I was so eager to separate myself from my parents and siblings because I wanted to experience the world on my own terms. Free from the prying eyes and advice I was used to having around me. I remember the feeling of freedom and it's excitement. Over the years since, I have come to have that personal perspective I needed to be able to see how important my family was to me. Growing up with family all around me was stifling at times. Then growing up even more without family around me was lonely. I have learned to appreciate my family now in ways that were never obvious to me when I was younger. I am fortunate to have had a family to grow up in because I know that many children don't get that experience. All of these thoughts and emotions come back to me now and I see how blinded I was because of my own selfishness. I needed to get out on my own and understand things in the best way I knew how. I also know that even though I thought I was right about so many things, I was unwilling to listen to others who's advice would have been helpful to me had I the ears to listen. I cannot change the way things turned. What I do today is appreciate my family. They are the part of me I was willing to let go of earlier in my life. Not so anymore. I get it now. Life is really short. I stay connected to my family because I know now that they will always be a part of me.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I must push myself (#545)

Some days are better than others. Usually there is a steady flow to my daily living that is constant. However there are days when I feel I am pushing the rock uphill similar to King Sisyphus of Greek legend. I have to dig deep within me just to do the normal activities I usually do without giving any thought to it. It is a question of what my character is when faced with challenges. Where do I get the fortitude to push myself when it would be so comfortable to rest and delay things? From within my conscious soul. I learned from an early age the concept of perseverance and have incorporated it into my strategy for living. I am not always afforded the strong desire to implement my fortitude but when I am tired I still find a way to push forward. I do not claim any special recognition for doing what I should be doing but I do appreciate it when I can push myself to action when I can get by with not doing so. For me, it is important to present to others and myself a lifestyle based upon my strengths, not my weaknesses. The only way to be strong is by being strong, every moment of every day. For me to be the man I want to be is not only thinking it but doing it. Being accountable and, me, following through, intentions with actions, is all I know. Some days are easier than others and some days I have to work very hard to maintain the level of living I demand of my life.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Society versus natural rights (#544)

This is always the great struggle, how do we conform to both without sacrificing both. The way I see it is to be as natural as I can be without denigrating the demands of society to any real extreme. So now it is apparent that I hold my natural rights to a higher standard of worth than I do the rules of society. The reason is this; society is a structure that is constantly undergoing change. My natural self is consistent and is how I was born. I know the need to have a society that continues to evolve and keep us from chaos. This is valuable and necessary. I also know that generally the concept of society is to maintain and nurture the best of human principles. I have no doubt of the intent of society. What I do have is an individual life that is not a readily conforming nature. Again, society is structured in a general way, it does not fit all of us conveniently. Our diversity is a strength. Toleration of our diversity helps us maintain our individualness and gives us the freedom to live our own individual lives and still fit mostly within society. The purpose for life is yet to be known in the absolute. Our society then must be a loose fit for all of us to be able to cloak ourselves within it. There is still so much left to the unknown and a society that is open to the curious nature we have and allows us through the compassion we feel in our souls to explore the boundaries of the known, has a better chance of surviving as a society and gives us more freedom to express our own natural rights.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I must know who I am (#543)

This is my life. I have a finite amount of years to live. I guess saying that I must know who I am is an obvious statement. Certainly the person inside of my body is me, that takes care of the physical part of the statement. But who am I as to the soul part of the statement. Some questions I can ask myself to help me get a clearer understanding of who I am, are; Generally, how do I feel about other people? Do I have a vision of what life should be like? Do I value my heart and my mind equally? What do I think about our planet and the universe? Do I still hope for greater things for all of us? There are a lot of other questions I could ask myself but these are a few. Based upon how I answer these questions I can get a good idea about who I am. Once we have a better understanding of who we are, we are better able to state our ideas about concepts that are constantly being forwarded. I know we are still changing through continuing education and experience but we don't need to take someone else's idea and make it ours. We can add our own ideas based upon how the concepts line up with who we are. As individuals, we are all unique. Although we have many things in common, we are also very different as well. No person is more unique or the same as anyone else. We all have the same great attributes of humanity. All of us are worthy of knowing who we are and letting the rest of us know what we think based upon who we are. We are all leaders. At the very least we lead ourselves.

Monday, July 26, 2010

We can be who we think we are (#542)

I know with me, I am one thing in my head and another thing in my actions. Not always but enough of the time for me to notice. My understanding is that I am not as well coordinated between what I want to be and what I actually am being. This is eye-opening to me. For the most part I have known of this disconnect but I assumed that I would grow into maturity and my actions would come from my reasoned thought. Not true. What I now know is that I must consciously remain aware of my thoughts before I act. It is not easy and often leaves me with a headache. That is a small price to pay however considering the benefit. More-so I think that the headaches that come with keeping my mind focused is the result of my mind having to rewire it's previous slacking mode. It is like exercising a muscle to gain greater efficiency. That is my thought on that. By forcing my mind to focus in a more consistent moment by moment manner, I am starting to see the result. I am less likely to give into involuntary responses without consideration of the responses effect. This is huge if it was the only benefit. I am also able to formulate analyzed and reasoned responses appropriate to the current circumstance. It is logical that if I work toward betterment that betterment would be evident. Staying focused on the now and allowing my good nature to reveal itself allows me to be who I think I am. At the very least I am working toward that.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

What my idealism means to me (#541)

It is fashionable these days to label oneself to particular movements. So I will also. I am an idealist. Now I know that there really is no organized movement of idealism but if I am to label myself something, idealist would be it. Of course being an idealist is a recipe for frustration in our world today. Seldom do outcomes reveal themselves as being ideal in the true sense of the word. This does not bother me however, since I am only striving to obtain idealistic realities. I know that compromise in ideals are necessary in moving anything forward and I accept that present logic. I will continue to work for ideal outcomes despite slow progress moving forward. I like the term idealist because it encompasses all other labels. Which, by the way, I am also. I am not just one label. I am many different labels depending on the topic being discussed. Here are some general examples; in society I am more of an egalitarian progressive. In morality I am more of a quasi-conservative. Neither is a line in the sand but nonetheless, starting points. I feel much more clear and energized about my being an idealist in all things over an other type of label. Someday soon I will try to describe in words my view of existence. Until then though I am happy to know that I want the best for all of us all the time. Yeah, I know I am being unrealistic but I am not a realist per-se, I am an idealist who must conform to reality when that is the path available.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Being happy even when it is hard (#540)

I remember a WWII movie about a man who lost his family at the beginning of the war and then at the end of the war got his family back. The reason I am using this illustration is because this story touched me at the depths of my soul. He got his family back but with extra children included due to the ravages of what war did to his wife. He accepted his new children because he had a greater heart than I could imagine a man having. What I understand today is that no one is due anything. Life comes at us and we deal with it as we are able. I often think about how I sometimes don't get what I think or feel that I should have and immediately I start the pity party. However, I use little reminders to pull myself out of that thinking. I remember that I am not any more special than that character in the movie who did everything he could to survive and make his way back to his family, even such as it became. I remember the gut-wrenching feeling I had at the end of the movie and I just could not understand how he could accept his lot in life. Now nothing in my life has ever gotten to that extreme for me but the principle is always the same. No matter what, be thankful for everything. Never let the circumstances in life tear me down so far that I cannot appreciate even the smallest gift I have.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A new day with a fresh outlook (#539)

I could have entitled this hope but it really is more than that. Hope is a vision for something as yet to come to fruition. But in that hoping state is also the time between the hope actually happening and the hope as yet to happen. Confusing? Sounds confusing to me. Anyway, there is a time between and it is in the time between that I find different emotions coursing through me. Some are doubt, some are dreaming as if the hope has already been attained (future-tripping) but most are a sort of limbo where I cautiously plan my day around the hope eventually coming into being. What is the protocol for waiting for a hope to appear? I suppose there is no protocol and the best thing is to forget that I even have a hope and let destiny determine itself. No, that can't be right. I influence fate by my actions so I must need to act in some way that will bring about my hope in the best possible way. I do not know what to do most of the time except for what is right and in front of me. This seems to work but it does not allow me to formulate a strategy for procuring my hoped for event. Maybe that is a good thing that I don't control how my hope should come about. I am at the mercy of other events beyond my control and I have to realize that hope is really a wish and may not be granted. Life really is a funny thing. I can do one thing however and keeping a fresh outlook about what I am doing at every moment is it. Hopefully!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good versus Bad (#538)

I feel this more each day. Like it is pressing in on all of us and we all need to make a stand. All of us must be accountable on this subject. What does this mean? Within each of us there is a sense of what good is. It takes many forms but the telltale sign is usually a smile or a feeling of accomplishment that is well satisfying. For me the most obvious sign is that I have sacrificed something from myself toward someone who had or has greater needs. A reaching out of the hand to others even when to do so goes against everything I may believe. I am determined to include everyone in existence who has the slightest shred of hope to becoming a better "good" person. Our time is now to decide the future of our society and how we wish the rest of humanity to see what we stand for. My overall point is two-fold, one is to decide which concept, good or bad, will be our destiny and second, there is no more free-ride as to taking a stand. We need to show our cards, as it were. My conviction tells me that most all of us are decent and want it reciprocated. We seem to equate the biblical axiom of "Treat others as you wish to be treated by others", as a valid guide. It is now just a matter of declaring our intent to do just this. I know that what I write here seems so "Pollyanna-ish" however there really is no other way to get to the heart of the matter than to just declare it in the most simplified form. Knowing what we need to do is one thing, putting that which we know into action is where we must begin and never stop.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If the path doesn't exist, make one (#537)

I have been waiting all day for a topic to hit me and finally one has. It is customary for us to look at the way things are done to get our bearings about how to proceed with aspirations and goals in our life. In my particular case my latest aspiration just came into view for me. As I am discovering that a protocol for advancing aspirations and goals may preclude me from the difficult path for achieving it I must conclude that an alternative path must be created as a fail safe. In other words, if I can't achieve progress one way I must try another way. It is the thinking outside the box that will help me to devise a program that could lead me to the goal I have for myself. I am alive only one time and I must give all effort to my dreams despite any difficulty in attaining them. Life is fun. I get to create a path that will work for me. Woohoo! In all seriousness, forging new ways to think about ways to reach goals is something we all possess within us if we have the enduring will to succeed. Things are in a constant state of change and so is my determination to continue to try different concepts. Who knows whether I will succeed, really that is not the point of my goal. Giving everything and never giving up on myself is the goal. I can live with that as long as I know I didn't hold anything back.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Talk is cheap; action is proof (#536)

Everything takes two steps. One to think then the other to act. At least that is the way it should mostly be. Some actions happen without thought and some thoughts need no action. However most everything else needs both. What we usually get though is a lot of thought turned into speech without the follow-up of action. I catch myself being guilty of this often. Especially when I want to pontificate on some subject of my churned-out insight. I often though catch myself before I turn my thoughts into speech and therefore save myself a later realized rebuke or gentle reminder, from others or myself, that there were more complexities involved than what I had accounted for. All of this is to keep myself into a perspective that when I do know what is right and I act upon that, I have done what should be normally done. My actions will always speak louder than my words. That is not a cliche it is a fact. If I expect others to act then the least I can do is act myself. The least I can do. I prize my humility today as a strength of my character. By following through with what I know to be right, I have elevated myself outside my own personal defaults into an arena where only the truth is revealed. I open myself up to scrutiny. If I do what I do in the light of the day and the intent of my doing is right, then I have begun to become the man I hope to be. Less hot air, more hard work!

Monday, July 19, 2010

"Realization path" (#535)

I received a comment on one of my blog posts. In it was this phrase I use as the title to this blog, "Realization path". I am profoundly grateful to have had this phrase illuminated to me. It is comforting to know that others, like myself, have a comprehensive view of the winding path of their life as well. I am not the person I was 10 years ago or even 5 years ago. I am continually evolving into a better person, at least that is what I hear from those who know me. I feel confident that they are right because I am thinking and acting more from my heart than from my head. I care about the things and people around me like I have never done before. It is because I have come to realize what I now know as what is really important in life. My path has changed because I realize that living a life based upon the better and best of human principles is a positive thing, not a weak or dumb thing. I don't have to be the selfish person I was taught to believe that I needed to be to find satisfaction in this world. Satisfaction for me is how I feel about who I am and living who I am. Purpose and contentment make me feel so alive. I am an individual who's potential has yet to be fully understood. Yet I do know that my potential is within me and my experiences help to bring them to my understanding. My realization paths have given me the key to becoming the person who is inside me waiting to come out.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

We should lead with our honor (#534)

I find that when I commit to being honorable as an action of the first resort, all things follow upon that lead. It has been somewhat of an eye opener. I also find that I do not weary defending that which I hold as high principle. It is as if I was created with the unlimited energy to stand against that which would detract from honorable intentions. This is some of the evidence I know from myself that helps me define why I think our natures are compassion and curiosity. The negative natures of greed, lust, gluttony etc... have not the fulfillment and or the sublime contentment that defending honor arouses in me. I have come to the conclusion that living a life that only allows for honor, gives me the spiritual and physical sensation that calms my anxiety about why I am in existence. I am here to experience the senses of my being. To know what best triggers their manifestations. For me being an honorable man is what gives me the best understanding for fulfilling my purpose in life. I hope I am not being too muddled here in trying to describe the key to living my life as best I know how. It all hinges on being a virtuous soul. When I am leading with honor and backing that up with determination and resolve, then I am strong in conviction and energy. How do I lead with honor? I start by being selfless and defending that position to whomever will question my intent, including myself at times. From selflessness all other virtuous principles will flow.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My "rights" should not harm you (#533)

This is something I have had to learn mostly through trial and error. It is sad to me that I could not see the big picture at an earlier age so as to save myself and others hard feelings. When I was younger I used to think that I was due great accolades just for being alive. I was a gift to life and should be treated with extra special dispensations. The fact that I existed was sufficient for me to claim a right to all the high road. Don't you know who I am? That was my thought process in my head. Arrogant to say the least. I have since learned that I am no different than anyone else at all. We are all significant. This brings me to my topic, my rights should not harm you. What are my rights? If they do not cause me or you a harm then I can be assured that they are my legitimate rights and not some theory of what my rights should be. The complication of knowing what is a harm to you and to me is something I can learn through logic, and I do. However most of my learning takes place through experience, coupled with logic. I am fortunate that I had survived my earlier incorrect thinking about my own worth and again am fortunate that I have found a way to evolve into a person who considers how my actions and thoughts affect myself and others.

Friday, July 16, 2010

"Get busy living or get busy dying" (#532)

"Get busy living or get busy dying. I saw and heard this line in the movie "Shawshank Redemption". If I think about what these words mean and how they apply to me and society around me, I begin to understand the significance of what is meant. If I am not willing to change and grow in my life, if I am not willing to let go of my selfish ways, if I am not willing to learn and understand more about how our world works then I am just hanging around waiting to die. If I am willing to see things through other people's eyes, if I am willing to put other people first before my own cravings, if I am willing to open up my thinking to comprehend why others do things totally different than myself, then I am getting busy living. I do not want to miss out on life. The real life where I am actually a part of what is happening day to day. Not hiding out in some enclave safe and apart from the things that bring me discomfort. Life, unfortunately is uncomfortable, it has elements to it that are disagreeable and unsatisfactory. However if I am not making an effort to improve that which is uncomfortable then I am not part of the solution but more or less condoning the problem through inaction. Life should be interesting and full of opportunities, not chaotic and depressing. In getting busy living, I am taking the power of who I am and taking a stand about what is happening around me.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Human exceptionalism (#531)

This is where we must see the world through the eyes of a maternalistic or paternalistic person. It is only if we see the world as being dependent upon our actions will we actually start to treat the Earth and Cosmos with a sense of value. It is natural for us to nurture our own species, so that transition to nurturing our planet is not a great leap. Realizing that we are also dependent upon our planet for our own existence, the argument for establishing a comprehensive plan to coordinate an Earth friendly environment for the actions of life on Earth should be overwhelmingly agreeable. What holds us back is current conventional practices and a mindset of an unlimitedness of Earth's ability to sustain itself without our intrusion. Under scrutiny, the argument for doing nothing or very little is less effective because of on-going warning signs we are able to register. Common sense would also dictate not to treat our Earth as a temporary resource acquisition entity but instead as a necessary component for humanity to evolve and be nourished itself. There are many ways in which to protect and sustain the resources are planet gives us. We just need the focus and determination to let logical solutions guide our behaviour and progress. Indeed, many will resist and to their resistance an overwhelming agreement by everyone else will eventually move us past resistance and to the goal of nurturing our planet for continued and unlimited sustenance.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let my imagination out (#530)

"Don't be afraid". To let my imagination out I need to step up and put to action what I would like to create. I feel confident now that I can achieve something I have dreamed of doing. Whether I succeed or fail is not the point. The point is I am going to try. It is my turn to change the reality surrounding me. No longer will I wait for things to happen but I will be the one to make things happen. I trust who I am to be a good example for others to notice. I have a vision of accomplishing something to be helpful to our society. I have been accumulating information and learning through experience and now it is time to put these things together and try to create opportunities for myself and those around me. I cannot do this on my own but I can initiate the inertia to start the process. I see so much potential in the people I meet and I hope to give them an opportunity to forge new beginnings for themselves. The society we live in now is a bit dysfunctional and therefore the timing of my endeavor could be beneficial. I hope to start a business that will not only be Earth friendly but based on a plan that allows maximum involvement of all involved. Until I have pushed further into my vision I will abstain from highlighting any more details. But regardless, I feel a sense of mission and I have only the best of intentions coursing through me.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My word is my bond (#529)

This has not always been so. Today it is however. Why? I find that I appreciate being told something and having it followed through on. So it follows that I should do the same. But it is bigger than that. I have moved on from the thought the Universe is just a chaotic event. That the rules we try to live by are not just some gimmick to keep us all in order. I have come to know about myself and what is important in this life outside myself. In other words I have stopped being selfish. I am not just some animal scratching and clawing for anything and everything I can get a hold of. I see myself as a guardian and sentinel toward protecting the concepts of reason and intelligence. I know how precarious life can be, whether through or own ability to annihilate our species or some cataclysmic natural event. There is nothing like us in the known Universe. We are wholly unique and of value. I choose to represent the human species as best I am able. I have found a noble purpose with which to apply myself. We are greater than the boundaries of our skin. We should and must be held to a higher level of scrutiny than any other living species. It is our heritage and station in existence. I had not always understood this. But through observation and humility I have come to know that I have a duty to myself and to what I realize to be significant and important. Such as attempting to represent what is the best of what humankind can and should be.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Critical thinking (#528)

I will also include this in my continuing series of "Don't be afraid". The reason I do this is because fear leads us to take positions and make statements that affect how we live our lives. I want to make a distinction of definition about some terms I often use. Subjectivity: A personal belief, feeling or opinion expressed in the context of what the speaker believes as fact. Objectivity: What is actually real or a fact. Now let me explain how I see objectivity most of the time. It is as simple as saying I am alive and the air I breathe helps keep me alive. These are true statements of fact, therefore objective thinking. I also use objective thinking to describe my thoughts about not knowing something. Such as I need to keep an open mind. Subjective thinking is more of a personal complexity that is based upon hoped for or faith based options. Remember, subjective thinking may be true, however it is mostly construed with being a best guess or desired opinion. Often, through fear, our society will adopt a comfortable concept of thought and present it to help us deal with our insecurities. The unknown can be overwhelming and in the absence of courage, fear and it's manifestations lead us to more subjective thinking and less objective thinking. I am no pillar of courage but I do know that striving to see the world as it truly is, is better than capitulating to a default position and not allowing my curiosity to flourish and attain it's nature to understand.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Faith not me (#527)

Another installment in the "Don't be afraid" series. I have difficulty explaining what I mean by faith not me. I live it more than I can explain it. I trust, yes, trust that my life will be full of adventure and satisfaction as long as I do not plan it. If I just be me and do the things that I know are right then my life will be fulfilling. Why do I trust? For the simple reason that when I get involved in the planning all my fears and doubts creep in. I dislike my fears and doubt and wish to not have them involved in my life. I still have fears and doubts but they are not part of me just living up to my potential as best I can. I trust the course of my life to destiny, fate or whatever description is necessary to explain serendipity or providence. Some may think I am abdicating my will to effect the course of my own life. I agree with this to a point. I am still living my life the way I wish, less mistakes, but I am not trying to plow the road in any particular direction. I am letting the road plow itself and following that path. It makes my life more constructive when I can focus on the things that I can control and gives me the confidence to be the best human being I can be. The best hope for me is to live in the present moment and no other moment. I have the ability to make quick decisions with awareness and clarity. Maybe, if I am lucky, at the end of my life, I will see how I have lived. In the meantime however, I am too busy just living to be able notice.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Solutions to problems, not cynicism (#526)

Another in the series of "Don't be afraid". I am constantly in conversations with people who have all kinds of problems they rant about. They are so disgusted with events around them and their solution is to throw out the process. I know what they are feeling. It is a sense of hopelessness and anger. It all can be so overwhelming. My take on the troubles we face is a bit different. I see our problems as opportunities for solutions. I steer clear of labeling the process as one thing or another in hopes of creating a divide between us. I would rather define the problem and establish a framework for dealing with it's inherent problems. There is an answer to most every question but are we willing to rise above declaring the problem and using it as a device to establish some other criteria. Each problem has it's own unique nuances and as such needs to examined within the whole of our human needs. If creating a better society is our goal and having that society fortified with egalitarian principles then we all have a stake. If we do not start out with a society that offers all the same opportunities to work, learn and contribute then we will continue into a deepening chaotic existence. Holding onto process' that are incomplete as to total objectivity, relegates our society to division and turmoil. There is hard work to be done to advance solutions to pressing problems but not working toward each solution begs the question why not? We need to be free of ulterior motives and discuss our problems with honesty and logic.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Find out who you are (#525)

In a continuation of the "Don't be afraid" series, This one might be the scariest one of all. On a personal level that is. Stereotypes and expectations are forms we find ourselves contained within. They offer a sense of security and fellowship. If I stay within certain societal and or dogmatic behaviours then I have an arrival of a self-satisfying feeling of belonging. When I was younger all I could imagine is just being like everyone else. I knew within me that I could not measure up to regular people unless I was like them. This is an illusion I was caught up in. There is no regular concept of everyone else. But what there is, is a sub-conscious and even conscious herd mentality in how we present ourselves to each other. We strive for sameness in hopes of maintaining acceptance with each other. I think we should understand each other and if there is sameness then well and good but if there is not sameness we should express that as well. Knowing who I am and defending who I am are both equally important. I am not afraid of finding out who I am inside me. I am who I am, that does not make me any less or more than anyone else. What makes me different is whether I have the courage to live who I am, Instead of trying to fit in with who others are. Being afraid is normal. We all share this in some form. But being afraid should not be an obstacle in discovering who we are and accepting that our personal uniqueness is just as viable as anyone else's.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Don't be afraid of knowledge (#524)

Here's a weird concept. People wanting to remain in the familiar instead of moving beyond that. I guess when I put it that way, it does not sound so bad. Except, life is a one-time deal and not living it with our potential possibilities is dull and wasteful. I guess a particular satisfaction is garnered by having security and peace without any uncertainty. Although that kind of logic seems to accept the status quo, however the status quo is just an illusion. Everything is in a constant state of change. As a human being I am born with a free will spirit. I am able to decide many things that could happen in my life. I am able to have decision making power over my environment mainly with the help of knowledge. If I do not accede to the logic that with knowledge comes power, I will put myself at the mercy of others deciding for me. I know many people who do this, let others think for them, as a way to avoid having to do critical thinking for themselves. They either feel that there is too much information to know well enough to understand or they feel that their time is better spent on pleasures or sacrifices. This society we live in is complicated but can be understood in some simple generalizations. We wish to have better, we wish to have peace and we wish to feel happiness. We can have all of these things if we regard education as valuable. We all need to have knowledge and a means to gain knowledge throughout the total course of our lives.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Compartmentalization (#523)

I do this as a strategy. When I cannot come to a conclusion about something, I am able to put it in a metaphorical box and move on to other things until I am able to come back to it with another possible thought. In other words, I have a bunch of concepts sitting inside my head with no obvious solution. This is how I am able to stay in the present without getting hung-up on current unanswerable questions I have. I am just smart enough to know not to obsess about things I have no immediate way of resolving. It does make for a crowded memory bank, but the alternative is far more chaotic. I treat my brain as a resource, ready to help me in wherever my interest at the time takes me. By compartmentalizing I am keeping an orderly process for my thoughts to move about without being funneled into a particular problem. I am chuckling to myself as I write this but really, it does work for me. It sounds so funny critiquing how I think. lol. I have so much going on between my ears and I do need a way to put some order to it. I am not saying that what is going on is of much value, but to me it is important enough to make me pause and ponder. Well, this was fun doing this post and if anyone out there has anything to add about how thoughts on particular subjects can be organized I am listening. :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On the subject of telling the truth (#522)

When I was a child I was told to tell the truth. I believed this and did as I was told, mostly. When I didn't it was because I wanted something not to be known or I wanted something and telling the truth would not get it for me. What I should have been told, along with always tell the truth, was why. It should have been explained to me in detail the consequences of telling and not telling the truth. Being so young I was not able to consider how each action would affect me and others. Logic has mostly been understandable to me and a great guide in deciding what course I should take. Granted, we are not all blessed with parents or mentors who are versed in the complexities of logic, as they themselves were not given detailed explanations either. The cycle must stop however and all of us, understanding that the details of living a good life, are necessarily needed to make a good foundation in our lives. Here is a problem I have often seen and wished to explain. It is in the details that we learn good living. When we do not take time to explain things or ourselves in detail we often confuse or send a wrong message. Using a logical form of explaining helps to convey a more accurate description of teaching others and ourselves what we need to know. I want to know the truth, I have no time for fallacious concepts or theories. The truth is where I grow from and knowing it in detail is my hope for me and all of us.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Life should still be about fun (#521)

Most all of my posts are relatively serious and should be so. However, occasionally having fun gives the perspective as to why my posts should be serious. It is because when we have honed our society and life experiences to better circumstances, we get to enjoy the reward of accomplishment. All work and no play make for a dull life. The purpose we hope to craft, a better society, is not unfamiliar. It is so that our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness has equal footing for all of us as to viably achieve. I must take time out of my determined effort to write and talk about the nature of humanity, in hopes of understanding what type of society best fits all of us, to express and be apart of the joy that life offers. The goal is before us. If I was satisfied with some sort of untoward framework similar to what Hobbes (Leviathan), Machiavelli (The Prince) or Plato (The Republic) forwarded then life would be a yoke instead of a boundless opportunity. I must continue to search my nature, and by extension, yours as well and consider how that would fit within a societal framework that exhibits what is best about us. The purpose for society is to maintain security and keep us busy being constructive. If society can give us possibilities that capture our imagination and fill us with hope for our future then we are on the beginning of the right track. Just as important though is actually having happiness and fulfillment manifest in each of our lives.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thinking outside the box (#520)

What is it going to take to get us to think outside the box. We seem to think that all the best ideas have already been pondered. I know for myself, I was certain that I was not intelligent enough to add anything significant to our society. I was wrong. The status quo is maintained not because it is the best for us but because varied interests have advantages that are more important than doing what is best for all of us. Elitism, deficient philosophy and fear keep us entwined in processes that are familiar and comfortable, regardless of their outdated ineffectiveness. I take exception to anyone who argues with me about maintaining the status quo due to historical conventional wisdom. Precedent is not good enough an answer for questions that arise consistently in a constantly changing society. We must think outside the box. I am one who is fervent in my call for a reorganization of thought concerning the value and respect for every individual. My main theme is that life is a gift and therefore anyone who lives in existence should be afforded a right to maintain a survival within our society. Incumbent on every individual is the responsibility to cultivate society for the betterment of society on a whole. We must give the tools for everyone to use for understanding. We only get better and more advanced if we allow all of ourselves the opportunities to explore the talents all of us have. All of us have!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cause no harm to no one (#519)

John Stuart Mill exclaimed this as the underlining of all human behaviour. At least what it should be. I agree with Mr J.S. Mill. What does that leave then? Well either do good or great, or do something that equates to a neutral action. He basically gives us a philosophy that may then be filled in according to each person's principles. If the outline is to do no harm then the body of the work is waiting to be filled in by each and everyone of us. In simplicity, we are then able to shape the complexity of our thoughts and actions. Knowing what might be a harm is difficult at times, but for the most part harm is easily recognizable. The simplest way to get to know what a harm is, is to check our own experiences with being harmed or committing harm to others. A conscious effort by ourselves must be made in order to change our behaviour away from previously learned behaviours if needed. This is not easy to do since a lot of our behaviours are done without a thought being given to them. A subconscious reaction on our part. A relearning must take place however and not having the control over ourselves to adapt to better ways of living is unacceptable. It just takes effort. We must force ourselves to logically understand the need to not harm anyone. The importance is fundamental to all life. It should be taught at the earliest age so that the significance of not harming anyone has a better chance of being incorporated into all society.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The ebbs and flows of emotion (#518)

From despair to ecstasy and all emotions between, the ebb and flow of emotion is fascinating. I would rather not have much despair in my life however without an example of it I would not appreciate the ecstasy when it occurs. Emotions are by far the factor that gives us humans the most value in our day to day lives. I have spent some days without much emotion either way and have not felt as if I was actually alive. I knew I was alive but I didn't feel like I was a part of anything going on around me. Naturally, I do not wish to have any more of the negative emotions that exist. I don't need to understand them or learn from them. I have had enough negative emotions to last the rest of my life. What I have learned from them I have incorporated into how I react and think. It is important to learn quickly from negative emotions so that they don't need to be repeated in a deja-vu kind of way. That just adds a depressing factor to an otherwise already bad experience. What I do like is good emotional experiences and I strive to focus my life toward those outcomes. I am able to do this by keeping my temperament positive and by acting in ways that contribute to positive effects. I do not understand why in life we have these varied emotions but we do and I can help myself experience more positive ones by adjusting my thinking and actions in ways that enhance what is good about being alive in this existence.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Start at the beginning (#517)

Seems simple enough. Yet in the most profound adventure the human race could alight on, we have forgotten this fundamental principle. In the context I am writing about is the betterment of civilization. Everyone attempts to say what is the right thing to do for society and the world on whole. That is all well and good. However, we must understand what it is to be human. We must know and define our natures to the core before we can begin to establish the best society for our present and future. All things we establish for our society must be defined through the lens of who we are. It is my judgement that we have two natures that are inherent within us, compassion and curiosity. We care about things and we wonder about things. There is the survival instinct, and that is the wild card that seems to be a subset of both compassion and curiosity. Now you may wonder how I can say this with a straight face. It is easy for me to say this because all other natures displayed by humanity are a direct result of being denied one or both of the natures of compassion and curiosity. It is my contention that we are noble beings at creation and that environment and circumstance whittle us down to lesser than noble beings. Caring and discovering are what we are. Our society must reflect the most opportunity that these two traits need to flourish. Starting at the beginning of who we are will help us continue to elevate the living experience for us. We are inherently noble beings and we should have a society that allows us all to reflect that.