Saturday, August 14, 2010

Diversity is unique (#561)

What a privilege it is to live in existence. What I mean specifically is that the variety of life forms and the individualness of humanity makes for an interesting, interacting society. My view is that I am a guest here on Earth and along with all the other guests we get to enjoy being alive and learning our environment. I realize that my "lens" is simplistic but regardless it is pure. How I live my life is dependent on many factors that can influence what decisions I get to make. However, the decisions are ultimately mine. I like the child's definition of "I am the boss of me." This brings me to why I am addressing this subject. What I allow myself to think and say is ultimately my perspective. I have had to fight through the acculturation of prejudice based upon factors of heredity and morays. I was able to see beyond my early limited view to an appreciation of all life, including my own. The less I think about how I think and feel and the more I think about how others think and feel, has been the key to my growth. Diversity of life forms is now to me a unique privilege to enjoy. If we were all the same how disinteresting would that quickly become. I do believe that our Universe within and without has some purpose and I do not know what that is. However I will partake of it with the joy and wonder of the newborn child I once was.


Gypsy Joy said...

For that is the key for peace not just for self but all of us. Here is to wonder, and bliss, and knowing who we are and accepting others for who they are:) I enjoy your thoughts. Thank you for expressing then here for myself and others to ponder.

Man of Hope said...

Thanks Gypsy Joy. I will always give my best.