Sunday, August 15, 2010

Free to be me (#562)

Put aside all the trappings of opinion, belief and bias. Ha! Not so easy to do but once in awhile it happens. When the only thing I carry around with me is a hello and a smile. Life does not always have to be so serious. Yesterday was one of those days when the only thing I even cared to think about was if or how much food I was going to eat. We had a family gathering that brought many together in one place for a peaceful relaxing sit-down of conversation and happy recollection. A time out of sorts from the whatever paced life we normally lead on a day to day basis. A little reminder of how life can look when everyone's concerted effort to bring a positive and welcoming atmosphere is non-stop. It is days like yesterday that I will bring up in my mind when I next think of the individuals I shared that day with. The key was that everyone put out an effort to be just themselves in a way that showed their best qualities. I have felt for some time now that when I try to or make a real effort to live in my better and best qualities, life can have it's best meanings for me. The contentment I strive to feel in my soul is best exemplified when I quit thinking about myself and instead think of everyone else. Free to be me is a purposeful selflessness, a pathway to truly finding myself. Somewhat an oxymoron, but nonetheless true.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this one, but then again I love them all Carl. BUT everytime I hink of our time together with family I just feel a warm glow. I wish we could bottle it up and put some on each day! Love you Carl! Thanks for your wonderful thoughts!
Rita Rae