Thursday, August 19, 2010

I am privileged to be human (#566)

Through all the cosmic dust trails that led me to being born on Earth as a human being, I am humbled. The odds of me being in existence with a human form must be beyond imagination. As such, to veer off subject, there must be some control somewhere, somehow, someway. But that will be for another time. This time is for the miracle of my being here. I have heard that humility is "overrated". when I saw this in response to something I wrote, I was reminded of my youth when no amount of logic could persuade me from my omniscient understandings. Haha. So, after reading that humility is overrated, I smiled and thought back to my own misunderstandings of how I was so special and therefore worthy of every praise and tribute. As time went by however, it became apparent to me that all of us are special and worthy of all praise and tribute. By now I had become more familiar and understanding of how logic works. Logic then dictated to me that special is not what I was but ordinary like everyone else. In fact, not even ordinary like everyone else but less so because of the huge ego I still carried around about my significance. Today I have come to say that the ego is smaller than a grain of sand and just as insignificant as well. It is a miracle that I am alive living in this existence where I get to experience all five of my senses, some are not so lucky, and stand up for the rights of all humans to be the miracle we are.

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