Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The maintenance of innocence (#572)

I do not wonder why there are so many troubles in the world. I know why. When I was a young child everything seemed possible, everyone was bright and wise. Then I started to feel the hurt and disappointment within reality. My very first concepts of our world however were based on a wonderful idea. That life was happy and people all cared for each other. It was probably true for me given that I am sure I was shielded from the worst of our manifestations and I am sure also that I was confused by those things that I did not understand. As time went on though I began to see that our society was not all give and share. I began to have to come to grips with how we really were to each other, not always kind and caring. It was hard on me to have to accept that we were not what we should be, according to what I first thought when I was very young. This is why I write this blog. My assertion is that we have two inherent natures; caring for each other, which I call compassion, and wondering about what life is, which I call curiosity. Compassion and curiosity, the two halves of the whole, who we are. When, like when I was young and began to feel hurt and disappointment, what was really happening was that compassion and curiosity, one or both, were being denied. That is when other, baser actions, filled the void where compassion and curiosity should have been. My innocence is still within me, it is just being clouded out by the hurt and disappointment that seems to fill or lives where it shouldn't. It is my duty to myself and everyone else to live in only compassion and curiosity.

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Gypsy Joy said...

Carl, I love what you do here. I needed to hear this. I have confessed that my anger motivated from betrayal and pain has caused me to let the anger reign down upon the one who hurt me. I have given it to God. Seeking compassion and learning to tend to my needs has aided me greatly this past week. Thanks for the reminder that I'm on the right path:)