Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What duty do I owe humanity? (#564)

What is my part. I am not a god, thankfully I know this. I am not any more special than any other human, this is harder to admit but nonetheless true. It seems my ego is battling me for reality. lol. However the battle is lost and the ego is diminishing. Still I am left with what is my duty to humanity? Personally, without including anyone else, my duty to humanity is to be the best human I can be. That is my take on it. What then is the best human I can be and how does that look to others? Well, again for me, the best human I can be is an honest, caring, principled in virtue, man of action that reflects those qualities with intent. Courage, for me, is the willingness to stand behind and defend with all that I have that which I would advocate to you. If I am not 100% behind my words and actions then I am not going to convince anyone or myself that I am fulfilling a noble duty. I will continue to premise my comments about how I would do things so as not to imply I know what you should do. For me, there are inequities that I see that torture my soul. For me to turn a blind eye to this and focus only on myself is dastardly and much less than honorable. I do owe a duty to humanity that extends beyond my own personal desires. I know that this post is idealistic and hardly practical given the hustle and bustle of everyday life. What really is important though, my duty to you, should rise above any other argument I, or others, may employ to distract me from doing what in my heart and mind I know to be of greater service to humanity.


Nefarious Newt said...

That you know you have a duty to humanity is the first step. Finding out what you can do for humanity is harder, because you want to do everything but you don't have the time or the money. It does not require a lot of either, however. You do what you can, even if it is merely imploring people through your writing, donating $5 to your local food bank, donating clothing, or any of a thousand little things. Every effort you put toward humanity is a good effort, no matter how small.

Man of Hope said...

"...any of a thousand little things". You have stated it well Newt.