Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The box I don't live in (#599)

It is enough to know that I am alive, and fortunate to understand that. When the concepts of assumption, expectation, desires and deserves comes up I am lucky that I have peace with them. I am privileged to live on this planet and enjoy life in society. Everyday is like Christmas morning, full of wonder and care. I live my life from the inside out. Everything that is precious to me resides inside of me. Everything else is just decoration. I am not the normal American who strives to live a life that is measured by outward accomplishment. I know that not all Americans live this way but most do. Our society has created a path which, if followed, can lead to certain plateaus of success and admiration. This is well and good for those who see it for the efficacy and happiness it can bring. My mind has chosen another path for me to follow. It is unique to me, in that I follow only this simple rule. Constantly be ready to learn something. Everything else that happens in life will fall into it's place. I have no road map. I am just living and learning. My world is not surrounded by limits, actually, my world is limitless. The few responsibilities I have can always be relinquished in favor of moving into another direction. I am mobile enough to allow for sudden change. This life I live today suits me. I am not living within the confines of an imaginary box with certain and definable boundaries. I am not saying that having a life that offers security is not to be desired, I am saying that for me, I want to be able to adjust to any circumstance that may come my way.

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