Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The changing of my thoughts (#600)

So much of my life is thought driven. I am becoming less and less dependent upon spontaneous reaction. It is not unusual for this evolution to be occurring within me, specifically, and others, generally. It is from the process of maturing. As I am getting older from learning and experiencing, I am understanding that everything I am doing has a consequence. The criticalness of my thinking through actions is not to be undervalued. I am certainly trying to be what I aspire towards and any nonchalance in that purpose potentially sets me back. There are fewer paradigms for me to invest my complete effort into, but trying to live with wisdom and conscious thought are two. I find that the importance of being purposeful, fulfills a few ambitions of mine. First, I get to be a part of a calculation that is either important to me or important to someone else. Second, I find a sublimity in accomplishing a purposeful endeavor. The regard I have now for the minutia in the everyday chaos of life has become acutely attractive to me. Life, really is about all the little things that happen as I am living life. There is no insignificant event. All work in some interconnectedness to make what I analyze and reason to become my reality. From the carefree, cavalier days of my youth to the thoughtful, considerate older mature adult I have become.

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