Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The greatest threat to humankind is fear (#607)

For all the positive attributes humanity has displayed over time, one thing could be greater than them all combined, fear. It is doubly confounding in that life has been given to us each without a price to pay. We were born and nurtured into who we are without obligation. Life, for me has been a gift. I did nothing to get to existence. I have learned since I have been here that life is also finite. Which means I will only be here for a set period of time. Given that life has been free to me and that it is also only for a duration, why would I be afraid of anything? How is it that fear could paralyze me into action or non-action? It is a mindset that allows for fear to control me when I don't want it to. The mindset that I am owed, that life owes me and that is my motivation and outlook. It is wrong to think that life owes anyone. Life is a gift. When I move away from the concept of "being deserved something" toward the concept of humility and gratitude, I find that fear has very little interaction in my life. I am able to speak my mind about honor and the best principles of life without regard to my own selfishness. In doing so, I find a liberating freedom in my spirit which not only builds my character but gives me strength of conviction. Courage will always allay fear. I can only find courage when I am defending that which is of great purpose. To be noble is no useless ideal, it is actually a prerequisite to finding peace. Many things have contributed to me not having the insight into who and how I should be, greed and an ill-conceived concept of my own value and worth. I have the insight now to know that I have no value or worth unless I stand with virtue as my guide. I still have some of the intent of greed within me but it is greed for being a better person, who tries hard to have no time for any fear.

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