Monday, September 27, 2010

Love beyond all reason (#605)

I was emotionally reminded of how pure and powerful love can be expressed by a simple movie about a man and his dog. In the movie, "Hachi", the man dies but his dog remains faithful to him for the rest of his life. The story was based on an actual happening. The reason I was reminded was that I once had a dog who would never leave my side. I took my Carson everywhere with me whenever possible. He didn't care where we went as long as he was with me. I was known to say that the better of the two of us was he. He displayed a loyalty to me to this day I am still in awe of. The emotional reminder is that a great act of love will override all other things. Nothing compares to the magnificence and beauty of love displayed through unending loyalty. I see this noble principle established and acted upon by a species considered less than human. I have to question what the baseline is, in some categories, for the determination of which species has evolved to a greater level of life. The sheer power of emotion that courses through me, then and now, as I feel the loyal love given to me by my little canine friend was and is overwhelming. When my heart is experiencing the greatest of all feelings within me I am at the most pure with who and what I am. It is also revealing that when I do hit the height of the physical effect generated within me I know that humanity is capable of anything and everything good. I am not the master of this existence and I cannot tell why we are here, but I will say that we are not the only species capable of displaying noble qualities.

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