Thursday, September 30, 2010

To endure for eternity (#608)

I am satisfied, though at times I am weary and without vigor, that I will continue to do what is right in my heart and mind forever. I know that the only real measure of control I have is in this existence. I also know that it is easy for me to be diverted from my best intents due to circumstances and situations that I fail to pay attention to. For the most part however, my life in existence can be fulfilling in that I can always strive to do what I know to be right. It is the premise I started out with that is more difficult to prove or defend in a practical way. I do not know what the unknown is and what I might, if anything, do there. Eternity is forever. I know that if eternity offers me a conscious thought I will evaluate my surroundings with the same type of process I use here. A process that is an example of the best of pride. A pride that is instilled in one's virtue. To be proud of one's correct and positive actions and thoughts. To have nothing but bold love and courage for living. My take on this is that to give the best of what others see in me to everyone. I do not ever want to be known as someone who did not give when the giving was the right thing to do. In a way it is being a leader of what to do when the best of what to do is required. It is a way of thinking that never doubts it's authenticity. Virtue is the hallmark of humanity. Love may be the greatest personal sentient experience ever, I know this in my heart, but the actions of all virtues outweigh any personal ones in the greater scope as an example to humanity. In a perfect world, all the good would work together to grow from there. Since we are not in a perfect world here in this existence, I must strive to be the most virtuous I can be while also hoping that love finds it's way to me. I have to start with me and know that throughout any time continuum, my unequivocal attempt to be a virtuous man will endure for eternity.

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