Thursday, October 28, 2010

The honor of oneself (#636)

Whatever you do, do it well. It is rare that we all have the same equal start in life. Some will not have the advantages that others have. Despite the unequal beginning one has in life the quality of how life is lived and respected is something everyone has an equal chance to control. It is the lesson of how we can do what we do control that must be realized. I know that there will always be areas that I cannot affect, this is my reality. The areas that I can affect and even some that I don't know I am affecting are still contingent on my thoughts and actions. What I do is sense that my life has significance and act accordingly. Does my sense that my life is significant match reality? I am unsure, however not knowing is not an excuse to act any different than what I would do if I actually knew. That sounded confusing so let me say it this way, there are no excuses for me being any less than my best. I am a visual type of person at times and this is one of those times. I like to imagine that there is some super-natural force in the Universe that is watching us and evaluating what we are doing. Somewhat similar to an all powerful God. In this scenario of mine this power is watching my every move and I know that I am being watched. What this does for me is help to keep me focused on doing the best and most right thing at any given moment. I have essentially placed a sovereign over myself who understands my intent. We all find some way to deal with reality that allows us to maintain some semblance of what we think we should be. This is mine. All it does for me is everything. I am truly blessed by my own imposition of a figure who I wish to emulate. It brings me full circle to living in the honor I desire.

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