Saturday, October 30, 2010

The importance of distinction (#638)

As an individual who knows what it is like to be stereotyped by class and economics, I am well aware of allowing myself to be painted, or to take part in painting anyone, with a broad brush. The point of this post is that distinctions are what allow us to see our nuanced differences. We are all of some variety of something, however we are not all the same. It is important that we have our unusualness from each other because it gives us perspectives we would never see if we were all the same. How do we employ the learned behavior of becoming aware of differences? We allow ourselves to be conscious of every moment that happens. Nothing can be taken for granted. I have mentioned this before and it is always good to reiterate occasionally when something has real significance, that being the act of staying in the present. My life is lived out in real time and that real time is in constant flow. I also need to be in constant flow to match time. If I let my better and best instincts prevail at any given moment I am subconsciously keeping myself on the path I wish for myself. I don't exactly know how to draw a map of my destiny but I do know that it is paved with doing the right thing. I am not always able to do the right thing but not doing the right thing is less often to happen when I am consciously aware of the moments I am living. Some say "don't sweat the small stuff" but I say life is all about the small stuff. Every little action or thought that I participate in has a consequence. I know in my heart that nothing I think or do is hidden from the Universe. Therefore, I have a responsibility to myself and to existence to be the best example of what I can realistically be. I make that distinction and many others today as well.

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