Friday, October 29, 2010

Logic, intelligence and courtesy (#637)

Three very different dynamics instituted into the same conversation. How appropriate! No nonsense or personal attacks as a method for debate or argument, just a sense of willingness to communicate respectfully with facts and curiosity. The foundation of interaction between all human beings of any serious nature should include all three of these factors. How can this be done? An elevation of priority to teach ourselves basic communication protocol. We are hurting all life and the Universe we live in by not taking advantage of the reasoning, analyzing and concluding we all are capable of. I am not suggesting that we need to discuss serious subjects endlessly all the time. There should be humor and inconsequential banter as a means and method for establishing friendships and for defusing anger. What I am saying is that every opportunity we let slip away when we could have advanced is another setback in the evolution of our species and the care taking responsibilities we have over our planet and beyond. We only detract from our own possibilities. We humans are the greatest achievement known to existence that can be verified. However we have yet to coalesce this magnificent achievement into a cohesive and optimally functioning advantage. What is missing is the mindset as to how to do this. The protocol is simply defined, use logic, factual intelligence and knowledge with a constant and humbling respect for all thought. Logic and reasoning will glean out those thoughts that have honorable intent yet fall short of being absolutely inclusive. Nothing is holding us back from setting up a structure for us to communicate except the willingness to do so.

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