Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My everyday awakening (#634)

What a perfect concept. Everyday I get to wake up and realize that I am alive and have a new day to spend. I did not pay for it or earn it or even bargain for it. It just comes to me free of charge. How much money would you pay to have a day of life? Is there any price you wouldn't pay? I can't think of one. How we get the idea that we need to charge for things that keep us alive sort of flies in the face of our actual creation. That is another point for another time. What I want to express is my passion for being alive. The true miracle that I do not take for granted is the moment I awake and know that I am still here in this existence. Normally, my forgetful mind will not register the fact that I am still alive when I wake up until I look in the mirror and see myself and then smile. No one is given a schedule for their life, unless a self-scheduled suicide is planned. In some cases illnesses may provide a time frame to some certainty but normally the moment is not ours to know. There are only three other ways to die, accident, homicide or natural causes. None of those three can be known by the deceased. That is why my point about awakening and feeling a sense of gratitude for the miracle of life is so positive. Nothing I have done or will do is deserving or gives me the privilege to expect I will be alive when the morning time for awakening comes around. I am humbled and thoughtfully courteous of my predicament such as it is. Never have I been so appreciative of the reality I live in. I cannot imagine another reality or dimension after death, other than the Heaven scenario, that is it's match. My dream world has greater hopes in it but again it is not possible without my real world, which was given to me for free.

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