Thursday, October 21, 2010

Staying in the center of myself (#629)

What do I mean by staying in the center of myself? I am referring to the place inside my mind and soul where everything is calm and peaceful. The home of my life. It is the place where I am the most objective in my thought. Where I can be free of all anxiety and stress. It is the best that I am, which in comparison with anyone else is no better or worse, basically just me. Let me describe what happens when I am in the center of myself. I see all of the hope I have for life. I hear all the sounds that make up life, both in natural ways and in communicative ones. I feel all my emotions as they relate to whatever subject or object that is affecting me. I smell and taste with distinction because I am focused on the moment and all of it's offerings. I am who I am in the center of me. I can learn with the zeal I feel about all things that strike my curiosity. My innocence lives in my center. The wide-eyed wonder I began life with is stored there waiting for me to visit and pull it out again for usage. Everything that has the best of intent ready to be displayed for the good that can come from it is in the center of me. I know where I live the best in life. I need to stay there as much as possible. Life can be so distracting and unless I keep the determined focus of a man who loves the best within himself, I will not stay there long. Life is difficult to teach. It must be lived and all the myriad circumstances and situations that occur are not perfectly planned for. Thus, I must keep my mind fresh, strong and pointed in the correct direction. That direction is my center, my favorite sacred place.

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