Sunday, December 26, 2010

Break out of the hard place (#695)

I am not satisfied with how I feel today. I do know this, I am able to change that by how I think from now on. I can choose to feel less than hopeful if I want. I can also choose to be more than hopeful as well. It is up to me. I often forget that I have that control. Previously, I would chalk things up to fate and say, "well this must be how things are since this is the way I feel." That was acquiescing to randomness as a control. I am so much more aware now and do not think of this existence as the plan. I think of existence of being a boundary for me to plan my own existence. There are some physical, emotional and psychological patterns within me that give me guidance in how I plan my thoughts, actions and behaviors, but nonetheless, I have the control. If I choose to be happy then that is what I can be just by putting my will toward it. There are also some limitations I live under as well and knowing these and recognizing my ability to function despite them is the key to me being able to manifest MY destiny. It is appropriate that I have this understanding of my place here in existence and how I reflect who I am. Time is short here, I have found this out the usual way, by living through it. As such, I am more determined than ever to have the kind of experiences I dream about come true. The only way for that to happen is for me to begin from a place where all the possibilities can come true. That place being in my thoughts. Like this morning, I am not always starting out in the right frame of mind. One thing I have learned is that I cannot assume that I will be where I want to be within me without constant attention to what my present situation is. I am a complex entity that needs my constant attention, otherwise I will lose sight of my ambitions and drift aimlessly, all the while wasting more valuable time.

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