Thursday, December 16, 2010

Changing myself is a constant (#685)

If I am not motivated to change who I am today, then the prospects for tomorrow become limited. Everything is in a state of change, everything. By not improving myself in a constant way, I will lose some advantages I have already achieved. Life is not a constant. Yesterday has already left and the only thing here now, is the present and a possibility of a future. I am here to inform everyone that life is a constantly, changing experience only interrupted by necessary sleep. While I am awake I am in need of changing. Most of what needs to be changed at this stage of my life is still everything! There is no firm ground I can stand on and shout to the world that I am here and will not be moving from this spot. Neither, physically, emotionally nor mentally. Once the concept of [change in perpetuity] is realized then the real living of my life can take place. I am liberated to the rationalization that anything is indeed possible. I have the wherewithal to effect any situation from any position I comprehend of myself. I become more than the Chameleon, I am a continuously evolving human whose true identity has yet to be defined. My destiny or story will be written on the pages of time after time has ceased to exist for me, not before. Those who do not wish to see that life is about change are the one's who will be left with a life of doubt about their own fulfillment. There is a difference in being secured in the thought that I have arrived at some place in time where my purpose has been revealed and the lack of understanding that means I am done changing within my purpose. Yet even now I still see more change for me, even beyond a purpose I have found for myself, so can you see that change is constantly inevitable? I have and I will do nothing less than to keep myself open to the new and old as a means to continue learning both.

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