Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dig deep to find the truth (#699)

It is so convenient in today's world to hear someone say something that sounds like it is right and accept it as truth. I am sure this has been going on since the beginning of time for us humans. Our individual worlds are busy, full of priorities and chaos, that learning and keeping up with commentary from new stories and comprehensive information becomes nearly impossible. What we find ourselves doing is connecting with some information outlet and relying on their fact-checking and overall conscious of what is happening and taking what they say as what is true. I have done this most of my life, especially if the conscious of the information being portrayed is in line with how I think. For many years I did myself a disservice by not evaluating what I was taking in with other points of view. I was subjective in my filters of information and their eventual reasonings. I have since broken out of that self-centered mode to a more open paradigm. I find that listening to all sides of any policy or position within news has given me the freedom to understand and make my own judgments. I find the truth has many layers to peel back before it is finally exposed as itself. I am not too busy anymore to know information and the intelligence it gives me. My priorities are to be informed by being objective. I am in a constant state of checking all information, even my foundational understandings against other points of view and facts. This is what life should be like, an opportunity for all of us to discern our own opinion and not let others do that for us out of convenience. It is okay to say I don't know. But it is wrong to say I know when all I have done is take someone else's talking point and made it my own. I am okay with how I present myself with the truth, at least it is mine and I am always open to learn more!

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