Monday, December 20, 2010

Greater expectations (#689)

Not for me, but out of me. I am past all that, what's in it for me, stuff. It is hopelessly vain and not integral to who I truly am. Yesterday I wrote about harmony and that is what I want all the time for myself and all others. I can work toward harmony for myself directly but for others I can only be an example. I have much work to do yet. I am still passionate and at times over-bearing in my beliefs. Staying on an even-keel for all circumstances is not something I have prepared to do all of my life. I am a recent convert to objectivity and calm discussion, however being a convert does not make me in any way a perfect practitioner. That is just process however and not the tougher assignment of thinking thoughts that keep me in harmony and aimed at greater expectations for myself. It is as if the rudimentary expectations I do reflect now, are just the foundation of what I hope to build off. I expect myself to help when needed or to go out of my way to make someone else's life better through some sort of act. The key to who I am is simply put this way, life is not just about me. I am only a small part of a long continual pattern of human species who dwell on this planet. But in that knowledge of who I am not, I get to define who I am. It is up to me to decide what destiny history will record about me. I have always been strong of mind and soul. Knowing this I am able to give of myself and find enjoyment through that. I do not need to be exulted in any way, contrarily, I would rather not even be noticed. I am self-satisfied with how I think and what actions I take. This is my reward, fulfillment. I am at a good place but I want to be at a better place so onward I go expecting even more out of myself.  

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