Saturday, December 25, 2010

Individuals within a community (#694)

Sorry to spill the beans but here is the truth, we are individuals who need to live with each other in a community. We are not one or the other of these in total, we are both in total. Our need to be unique is well observed from generation to generation. Individualism will always be something we must work out in our own way. But similarly, we are also communal, we need to be nurtured and share experiences so that we don't ever have to feel like we are alone. This dynamic of having to be separate while at the same time being together is something of a complexity that foreshadows our futures. We are inexorably linked to a concept of dualism. I have stated this before and again I will also do here, we are in the infancy of our species' evolution. What passes for complex now, will no doubt only seem simple at some future time in the destiny of humanity. What is needed today however is for us to recognize our particular paradigm of needing to be one while also needing to be one of many. It seems logical that we would be able to distinguish the difference that both realities offer. They are both real and deserve the conscious thought that should go into making them conjoin as a working unit. We take time for ourselves and we take time to interact. Both are separate functions we control as much as we are able. Some things are, by necessity, out of our control, that is not unusual for any of us. But what we do with the opportunities that make their way to us is all in our own hands. Our dual need to be is also a challenge to us to find the best of what we can do and instill that into our actions. Daily, I sacrifice what I would want for the sake of what others need. We all do this, it is why we know that our lives are more complex than just ourselves. We are also a community of souls who are trying and maintaining our life in order to advance beyond this present time into a future time. Our individual strengths are best reflected when there is someone or a group to share it with.

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