Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My eyes are wide open (#690)

I do not ignore what is happening in our world. There is much good in our world to behold and marvel at, likewise there is much horror that is cruel and nightmarish. It is easy to put on a filter and only look at the best of what is happening around me. It is not what I do for myself. I force myself to look at the pain and anguish as much as I am able, in order to instill within me my sense of outrage and courage. I need to teach myself that I am not immune to what happens around me as much as I like the security of being shielded from the outrages. I need to be taught to stand tall and face up to outrage despite what actions may come at me for my stance. That old saying of "if your not against it, then by default, you are for it." I will not allow myself to be lesser of the man I am trying to be. I cannot solve all that is wrong nor can I solve much at all, but I do not have to be silent on any of it. I have found that by making a stand against bad people doing bad things is something that is welcomed by other like-minded individuals. It seems that once someone takes a risk and makes a stand others do as well. Sometimes I can lead and sometimes I can follow, but stand up I will. I feel responsible for the actions and activities that happen on our planet while I am alive. Superman complex? maybe so but without the illusion of being that capable. Change can only happen in the face of bad force by standing against that tide of momentum. We are all examples of what is good in life and at times we take turns being the first to take the lead on effecting change. I find it is now my duty to call out what is wrong when it is wrong. I will not allow myself to sit in a default position, allowing wrong to perpetuate, when I can make an effective action to change it.

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