Thursday, December 23, 2010

The promises we keep (#692)

The promises we keep are the bonds we build in our relationships and are vital to us maintaining those relationships. The promises we don't keep are the ones that hurt and tear apart the relationships we strive hard to keep. It is important to realize that when promises are kept good will is likely to be maintained and achieved. But just as inversely proportional or even worse is the broken promise. Always be wary of announcing a promise without being sure of your effort and intent to complete the promise. In my youth I will always remember how promises were both kept and broken and how I felt about both. When promises were kept I was happy and expected them to be so. That was bad on my part since I truly did not appreciate the effort that others gave from themselves to keep promises with me. When the promises were broken I would feel the emotion and physical pain of betrayal and self-loathing. this was wrong also, the best of intents cannot sustain an effort to keep a promise on their own. Sometimes promises are not meant to come to fruition. I am not offering an excuse or reason, to letting promises go unfulfilled, but that promises are broken is not always due to lack of effort or intent. My goal is to make those promises I do and keep them. Whatever that may be within all reasonable circumstances, even in unreasonable circumstances. Promises are the bonds we put into words to reflect our motivation and intent. The recipient of our promises also has a stake in how we either complete or not complete our promises. When the decision comes down as to whom has to sacrifice, the promiser or the promise, for me it will always be me, as the promiser, who has to sacrifice. I get to make that decision based upon what kind of man I want to be and how valuable I want my word to be known.

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