Sunday, December 19, 2010

The struggle for our identity (#688)

There are forces that exist which would prevent harmony from being our species greatest attribute. The forces would rather things remained the same so that a way of life can be maintained. It is a choice of judgment as to what life is and how it should be lived. I am but a singular force with little impetus but, nonetheless, I am a force. My direction of how life should be lived revolves around a harmony of compassion and curiosity. No other motivation consumes me. I do live in a society that is interspersed with levels of education and comprehension, which makes communication a difficulty. We all have different needs and wants at different times in our lives which also complicates finding harmony. But despite the differences and challenges, we may be able to find foundational agreements that are beneficial to us all and lead to harmony. Life is not a perfect scenario with hopes and dreams that are a constant with reality, however, basic human practice of compassion and curiosity can lead us through the contradictory, blinding mazes we erect for ourselves. Back to those unfortunate other forces for a moment. The status quo is never easy to change. When power is held it is not easily given back. The worst of our natures will reveal themselves and overrule those natures which could do benefit. We are a fragile species, given to fear at the drop of a hat. It is this very prevalent fear that guides the forces that would keep us from finding a social harmony. Unfortunately we are in the midst of these fear driven forces and unshackling ourselves from these fears is our greatest test if we are to find our identity. As a child I looked at the world with the true innocence of newness, why that cannot still be as I am in adulthood has everything to do with all of us finding our own true identities; compassion and curiosity.

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