Friday, February 18, 2011

Channeling our passions (#749)

Our society is in a transition period where many people are propounding differing views on the structure of how we should live. The complexity of the whole of our society leaves few of us with the big picture vision necessary to know how to go about applying solutions to every facet of how we commune together. I have found that becoming knowledgeable about some of the areas of our lives helps me to be insightful in some areas instead of being only adequate or less than that in every facet of our society. I do learn all I can about my greatest interests and listen to others speak about the areas I am not as well studied in. It is if I am just a link in a chain ready to add strength to what I know when the pulling and pushing begin. I have a lot of passion and desire to be a part of our society in a way that helps reflect the better and best of what we are and what we can be. The comprehensive knowledge necessary for me to be effective is not within me yet. However the things I do know about are ready for discussion and application. I am doing a part that I can be effective in and that is my comfort for now. As I continue to learn different areas of expertise I can add them to my overall knowledge base and make myself that much more effective in debate over more generalized directions. It is important for us to be a part of our own destinies, however they may look to us. I am never certain of anything and things are constantly changing, but if I am involved in looking for objective solutions that have all of our interests at heart, the changes won't be difficult for me to incorporate into my continually growing knowledge base.

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