Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am empirical evidence (#754)

I know that I am like most everyone else generally, specifically less so but still similarities are abundantly threaded throughout all of our lives. I have used myself as a baseline in trying to understand possibilities about certain subjects. I suppose it is a bit of wisdom to know what things we have in common and which ones we don't. I have been in some conversations lately where the other person(s) have pretty much claimed that if people are not like them then I, and those like me, am wrong-headed. I find that using myself as a template for what is right to be disingenuous in the least case and arrogantly egoistical in the worst case. Knowing when to use generalities about myself is the key for me. I am human and as such have certain commonalities with other humans. Not just the eating breathing stuff but in the emotional arena and where we apply logic. Laziness or ulterior motive seem to be the genesis for those who have predetermined attitudes and reasoning for unmovable calculations. They would have the rest of us believe that they have some insight into life that is lacking in those that disagree with them. I am all for using every device known to make an understanding more clear and even sometimes correct. I am bothered by those who do not have this as the highest priority but would rather self-service some other need within them. I came into this world knowing nothing and I will leave this world still knowing much less than I would have hoped for when I first started my curious quest. I am in this for the information and truth if at all possible. In the meantime I will have to continue to glean through that which is offered to me with the strainer of objectivity and an open mind. 

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