Sunday, February 20, 2011

If it is a strategy to do the right thing, well... (#751)

Hmmm.... I guess I can help my neighbor because it makes me look good to the rest of the neighbors. I can use that later down the line, like an investment to be used when I need it. This is the kind of strategizing of which I am making a reference. First let me say that being good, trumps looking good every time. Second, if you have to think about where best to do the right thing you have essentially lost the inherent intent of doing the right thing. It is a lot like when we think we have something figured out, it is then that we should realize that we are no where close to it. Our logic/illogic little brains, differentiation intended, are usually not very good at reflecting our hearts. It is in the absence of calculation that our spirits can most fully deploy our better and best natures toward doing the right thing. Percentages and statistics are good for keeping score but terrible for just living by our caring natures. Certainly, there are some situations that need some reflection of thought before an act can be determined to be right, however if that is not the case, and the only reason a right act is performed is to gain some advantage, well there you go! Doing the right thing for the wrong reason only makes life artificial. It is in all this artificiality that confusion and chaos will become obstacles to personal and communal growth. Honesty and truth are what give us the best chance to face the world we live in with a hope of making it better. The face behind the mask needs to be the same face as the mask, except of course at Halloween and mask parties. lol.. We are all responsible for our actions and if they come from our hearts instead of from our heads how much more happy would we all be? What's the point of life if our happiness is not our greatest hope?

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