Saturday, February 26, 2011

The illusion of love (#757)

It seems that unconditional love is one of the hardest things on this planet to find. My mother and her love toward me being an exception. It is in parallel with other forms of acceptance and recognition as well. If I do certain things or hold certain beliefs I am more likely to be accepted and given positive attention. If I don't follow a pre-planned script then I am not worthy of association or respect in the normal sense. A sense of conformity has permeated our psyche's to the point of segregating ourselves based on the belief or non-belief of some unprovable concept. How irrational! It is my contention that those who think they know what is best for someone else should show it through their own example of living not demanding or expecting. If I see something that is working in someone's life then I try to understand it and emulate it. When someone requires me to emulate something that works for them but I see no examples that relate to me then I am not going to incorporate that something. In my thoughts I have concluded that belief systems are there for the moments in our lives when common sense and logic cannot help us. Not as a replacement for learning new information or being critical about facts and theories, but as a comfort and a reminder that life is much grander than what we can conceive. I will never give up my quest to know the yet unknown and by that standard I am not prone to giving myself to a belief system when other possibilities exist. I will not let others and their expectations of me draw me in as an illusion of love when if I do not follow their suggestion they show me forms of the opposite.

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