Saturday, February 19, 2011

In knowledge and experience we find common sense. (#750)

Where do we find the truth? Is it on the surface? How deep must we dig? Exactly the kind of questions one should ask themselves about any subject of importance! We are alive in an existence that requires us to participate within it. There can be no short cuts allowed when it comes to being properly informed. As you and I know very well, there are many out there who are not properly informed and they have some powers that end up affecting us in ways that are detrimental. We must all take serious our privilege and right to be informed as much as we can in order to have an effective part in our society. We also need to build up our knowledge base in order to hope to have the best common sense in our daily lives. I see no reason why every one of us cannot be a wise person. It takes little motivation to be informed when the alternative is to be told what to do and think. Some have chosen the path of letting someone else think for them out of some need to be accepted or inferiority. But those needs can be easily corrected by helping them learn. Learning is unique. It gives us power over the chaos in our lives and our place here in this Universe. Learning also helps us gain new experiences which is just as important as learning. Both allow us to have a real world view and insight into how our interactions can best be achieved. If we do not choose to learn or experience life then we are not part of the change that life is continually making. There is little hope then that our intuitions and feelings will ever be confused with common sense.

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